Nice to meet you!

Hey there,

I’m Sabrina and I am a full-time student and certified nutrition and fitness coach.

Health, nutrition and fitness has been my passion from a young age and I love to share my knowledge and experience with others.

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease & IBS, I realized how nutrition affects our lifestyle. Decoding my body and finding my „perfect“ diet helped me to heal my gut, balance my hormones, live with Crohn’s and IBS and improved my performance and well-being in daily life and in training.

It’s my dream to teach as many people as I can to decode their body and use nutrition and movement as a tool to improve their health, well-being, performance and achieve their physique goals!

My gut health and IBS story

I’ve been struggling with health issues since being a little child. As far as I can remember, I always had skin problems in form of neurodermatitis und acne even in primary school. Apart from this, headaches and throwing up after eating fried food like fries and chips were a normal thing. Often I was called a very sensitive child from the people around me and my issues were mostly brushed off.
When I was six, a homeopath diagnosed dairy intolerance and a chlorine and an antibiotics allergy.
As cheese was still considered okay, I cut out milk and yoghurt and my neurodermatitis got slightly better. During puberty my acne got even worse and I suffered from regular migraine attacks, although I tried to eat less sugar and fat and ate quite healthy and fresh foods. At the age of 16, I suddenly lost a lot of weight, had stomach pain and diarrhoea and was bloated all the time. I had really bad smelling farts – like rotten eggs – and I felt uncomfortable going out with friends and eating food because I was ashamed of those symptoms. But my symptoms weren’t just those issues – my body wasn’t digesting food properly and everything I ate was being eliminated whole. My body refused to absorb nutrients causing me to lose weight rapidly.

IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s disease… my gut was constantly inflamed. What really helped me and started my journey of recovery and getting a healthy gut was seeing a Chinese medical practicioner. Through elimination diet and a holistic health approach I now know what my body can tolerate and what not. This trial and error left me basically at a paleo-based diet. I’m finally feeling good and am symptom free.

Over time I was able to exactly know what my body needs and nourish it to perform at its best in daily life and in training.

If you have any questions about me, would love me to teach you how to understand your body and use nutrition and fitness as a tool to ramp up your life or if you just wanna say “hi”, feel free to reach out to me!