Pumpkin shepard’s pie – paleo & vegan

My American folks are celebrating thanksgiving and holiday season isn’t far. There are a lot of traditional dishes people have on festive occasions like Christmas depending where they come from.

This is not a typical dish in Austria but I always wanted to have shepard’s pie.

And as I am in love with pumpkin, I created this paleo and optional vegan recipe. For the toppingI used pumpkin instead of potato and  instead of butter. MCT oil*has a lot of benefits for your health and I love to incorporate it into my diet on a daily basis.

Some of those proven health benefits include
  1. MCTs are Antimicrobial and Antiviral

  2. MCTs can aid in Weight Loss

  3. MCTs Enhance Exercise Performance

  4. MCTs Can Affect Cholesterol

  5. MCTs Helps With Diabetes

  6. MCTs Benefits the Brain

Paleo and vegan meat substitute

AND I am so excited to tell you that I finally found a paleo and vegan meat substitute: sunflower ground „beef“*.  

It is made from sunflower seeds, can be used like ground beef and is similar to those soy ground beef products. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t contain any soy. Or other nasty additives like wheat. 

I love its taste and can’t wait to use it more often.

Pumpkin shepard's pie - paleo & vegan

Servings 1
Calories 418 kcal



  • 100 g swiss chard/Mangold
  • 100 g carrots/Karotten a medium one/eine mittelgroße
  • 150 g celery/Sellerie
  • 100 g leek/Lauch
  • 100 g parsley root/Petersilienwurzel a bigger one/eine größere
  • 1 tbsp/EL tomato paste/Tomatenmark
  • salt, pepper/Salz, Pfeffer
  • thyme, rosemary/Thymian, Rosmarin
  • onion, garlic/Zwiebeln, Knoblauch
  • 150 g ground turkey or beef /Hackfleisch or 1 portion sunflower ground "beef"/oder 1 Portion Sonnenblumen Hack

Smashed pumpkin topping

  • 300 g pumpkin
  • 1 tbsp/EL coconut oil, ghee or MCT oil/Kokosöl, Ghee, MCT ÖL
  • chili flakes/Chiliflocken
  • salt/Salz


  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius./Den Ofen auf 200 Grad Ober-/Unterhitze vorheizen.

  2. Sauteed veggies and meat (substitute) in a skillet. When the veggies are soft, add tomato paste, some water and spices./Das Gemüse und Fleisch(substitut) in einem Topf dünsten. Wenn das Gemüse gekocht ist, das Tomatenmark, etwas Wasser und Gewürze hinzugeben.

  3. Steam or bake pumpkin until tender. Then blend it with all the other topping ingredients in a food processor until smooth./Den Kürbis garen oder im Ofen backen bis er weich ist. Dann mit den anderen Zutaten des Toppings in einer Küchenmaschine mixen.

  4. Transfer the filling into a casserole dish and put the topping on top. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven./Die Füllung in ein ofenfestes Gefäß geben un dann das Topping darauf geben. Für 10-15 Minuten im Ofen backen.

Recipe Notes

Nutritional information/Nährwerte: with ground turkey/mit Putenhack: 418 calories 36g c I 43g p I 11g f with ground sunflower "beef"/mit Sonnenblumen "Hack":

314 calories

36g c I 21g p I 8g f

Product recommendations:

sunflower ground „beef“/Sonneblumen Hack*

MCT oil/MCT Öl*

All products with * are affiliate links. If you want to support me without paying extra money, you can purchase my favorite products through these links. This will enable me to continue providing you with content and help to grow my blog.

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