GROW & EVOLVE #2 – Training & a total body workout

After covering the nutrition part of my GROW & EVOLVE series on YouTube, it is time to talk about training for muscle growth, weight gain and shaping up.

As promised in my video, I’m sharing a total body workout for beginners here to help you get an idea what a workout could look like. Depending on your level use machines or free weights to perform these exercises. There are multiple versions to be found but always make sure to focus on form. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to show you how to do those moves properly!

If you are totally new to the gym, please seek help from a professional to learn how to use machines and how to perform exercises right.

Total body workout for beginners

Perform 8 to 10 reps and 3 sets of each exercise.

  1. bench press or chest press machine
  2. dumbbell flyes or machine
  3. cable lat pulldown or machine
  4. seated cable rows
  5. dumbbell shoulder press or machine
  6. squat or leg press
  7. leg extensions
  8. leg curls

If you want to focus more on arms, then just add three sets of bicep curls and triceps pushdowns to the workout.

If you are looking more fore toned legs and a perky butt, add three sets of adductors, abductors and kickbacks.
As you’ve probably noticed I gave you the option of dumbbell or machines. For beginners dumbbell can be more difficult to be performed correctly, so using machines can be a great option.
Also choose a weight that is challenging. Optimally, you should only be able to do about 8 reps, the last two being hard. 
Depending on your time available, choose 6 to 8 exercises that cover your total body for one workout.
If you are working out three times a week, you can do my baseworkout, the arm focused and the leg focused each once. This way, you will target every muscle and keep things interesting!
For more information, don’t forget to watch my video where I will also cover training for advanced athletes and share my current training routine with you!

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