Booty workout & Full day of eating paleo

Another workout to work your booty including some lifts and conditioning. Apart from this butt blast, I show you what I eat on a lazy Sunday where I do nothing but my workout. All meals are paleo and I’ve also included macros to give you an idea how many calories and what macro ratios I eat. I don’t pay attention to those things but I think it is nice to know from time to time where I am at. Of some of the meals you can see in this video, I will also upload the recipe soon. So don’t forget to check out my blog from time to time to find new recipes!

The workout

10 minute warm up

Stepper squat to lunge jumps 10 x 3
Stepper in and out jump squat jumps 10 x 3

Circuit: repeat 3 times
Kettlebell swings 20
Walking lunges 10 each way
Goblet squats 20
Banded standing straight leg lifts 10 each side

Superset: repeat 3 times
HS Reverse Suat 8
Banded Side Walks 10 each way

Ball throw squat jumps 5-10 x 3

Banded back squats 8 x 3

Abductors 10 x 3

Hip thrusts 10 x 3 with 20 pulses on top at the end of each set

Hip raise banded 20
Hip raise abductors 10
Butterfly hip raise 20

Banded bench side jumps 10

Hip raise DB crunch 30

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