All about apple cider vinegar

Our anchestors already knew the value of apple cider vinegar and its benefits for our overall health. I personally learned to love it especially due to my gut and skin issues. There is hardly a day I do not use apple cider vinegar in any form.   Scientists found that that any kind of vinegar added to a starchy meal …

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Apple chestnut almond cake

The recipe for this perfect tea time cake can easily be made vegan by using apple sauce instead of the egg. It might not turn out that fluffy but probably even more moist and with an intense apple taste. I know – combining apples and cinnamon is nothing new but with chestnut and some sour redcurrants it is just another …

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Butternut pumpkin chili – paleo & vegan

butternut pumpkin chili

After sharing my summer smoothie bowl, I finally comitted myself to cooking more autumn dishes. Recently, I am addicted to pumpkin. I love going to the farmer’s market every week to see what sort they have. At the moment, butternut pumpkin seems to be in season. Actually, this is my favorite one – I prefer its taste over the one …

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Coconut berry protein balls

coconut berry protein balls

I hope you enjoy the recipe video! If you would like to see more videos like this, make sure to head to my Youtube channel, like, comment what you want to see next and give the video a thumbs up. Mix all ingredients apart from berries and fruit powder./Alle Zutaten au├čer die Beeren und das Fruchtpulver vermischen. Form balls with …

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Melon matcha smoothie bowl

Altough summer is almost over, I wanted to share on of my favorite refreshing pre workout snacks. Instead of having a protein shake, I enjoy having a small smoothie bowl to get some carbs and protein after finishing a sweaty session. This bowl should just provide me with some energy but not fill me up as I always have a …

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Nut ‘n plum cake

In combination with nuts and almost christmasy spices like cinnamon, orange peel and vanilla they make the perfect autumn cake. Ripe fruit reminding you of the sun that has shine all summer long and the spices reminding you of what is going to come. For the vegan folks out there, I provide a vegan solution in my notes below the …

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Conditioning workout – shoulder and back focused

If you are looking for a workout that gets your heart rate up and builds your shoulder and back muscles, this one is for you! Actually, this is my favorite style of working out. The combination of strength and endurance work kills me every time and I never get bored trying new combinations. If you want to see more like …

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Banana chocolate coconut bread

As promised, I’m sharing the recipe for my paleo chocolate coconut banana bread which I showed you in my Full day of eating paleo vlog. It not only tastes delicious, it also contains a lot of good carbs and fats and some protein. It is perfect to refuel your body on a leg day. Of course, you can also enjoy …

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