Bounty bites

That’s what those bounty bites are for me. Pure pleasure. Like holiday. That’s seriously like a quick escape from life, anxieties, work, studying – reality. If you are looking for a summery treat that makes you feel like being on a beach holiday, try out this recipe and let your mind be blown away to the caribbean! Mix ingredients for …

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Orange poppy seed almond muffins – vegan

Finally, I’m sharing a paleo AND vegan muffin recipe with you. Combining orange peel, poppy seeds and almonds was the best thing I’ve ever tried! Those muffins taste fresh and summery and sour and at the same time sweet raspberries go perfectly along with them. I guess, this recipe meets a lot of different dietary needs. They are paleo, gluten …

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Almond cacao waffles

Finally, I’m back to blogging. I’m so glad I finished all of my exams and even though, I have to work full-time for the next three months, I hope I’ll be able to provide you with some quality content. Having some time yesterday, I sat down to write down the recipe for my Instatstory famous almond waffles which I seriously …

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Redcurrant meringue muffins

redcurrant meringue muffins

Growing up with a grandmother who seriously enjoys cooking traditional Austrian dishes and baking delicious cakes is an experience I wouldn’t want to miss. I guess my Mum and my grandmother are the ones who inspire me until today and got me into cooking and baking. While my grandmother just cooks her traditional staple dishes to perfection and my Mum …

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