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Today, I want you to introduce you to a new guest on my talk with series. Merve works as a personal trainer and studies fitness and fitness economies. Apart from that, she is training to be a fitness and sports clerk.
She is going to talk about fitness training and give some gym advices for beginners and especially woman who want to start their journey to getting strong, fit and healthy.

What should beginners pay attention to when starting their fitness journey?

The most important thing is to do exercises correctly! Having a good technique is way more important than being able to lift a lot of weight.

What are some typical mistakes fitness newbies make?

Well, definitely being too motivated which can lead to overdoing it. Some people feel like they have to proof something to themselves (and others) and lift more weight than they should in order to perform exercise correctly. In worst case, this can lead to severe injuries.

We often see a lot of females doing excessive cardio? What is your approach to intensive cardio, especially for women?

For women, it is even more important to lift heavy than for men because they have less testosterone. To tighten up, you need to lift weights – heavy weights. Soooo girls, don’t be afraid to start lifting to get the shape of your life!

What would you recommend a woman who wants to get fit and tone her body?

First of all, I want to add that there is no difference between men and women. Of course, depending on your goals, you can pay closer attention to specific parts of body in training, like the butt for women. In every case, it is important to train the whole body and not just specific parts. To build muscle and shape the body hypertrophy is very important. And consistency is key! Without training on a regular basis, the best session won’t change anything.

Some women are afraid to get too muscular and bulky. With good reason?

That’s complete nonsense! It takes a very long time to get really muscular because females have low testosterone. You’d have to train hard for years to get this bodybuilder look.

How often should one switch up the workout routine?

That really depends on the individuum. Everyone is different. I recommend switching it up every two or three months. Of course, one can exchange some exercises every few weeks but compound moves should always be included in every workout.

Building muscle and losing fat at the same time. Does this really work?

Sure! More muscle mass means more fat being burned.

Doing hours of cardio and eating almost nothing… instead of losing weight, you even gain some. What is going wrong here?

That is not anusual. The body is in an emergency situation in which it safes everything it can possibly get.
Our bodies are very intelligent and to survive it is necessary to have some energy available. Fat is a very food energy source, so the body stores it in its fat depots.
I can tell you from personal experience that being in a too big caloric deficit harms more than eating too much.

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand when it come to a healthy life. What does a personal trainers diet look like?

I basically eat what I want and have a balanced diet. I could never eat after a meal plan, I’d go mad then. Most important is to make sure to get enough protein in every meal. Apart from that, my morning meals are more carb heavy to fuel my workouts, whereas I concentrate on fats in the evenings.
For me personally, eating three meals a day works best. This also helped me a lot with getting and maintain a lean physique.

What are your favorite exercises?

Definitely, squats and deadlifts!

Tips for fitness beginners
  • Patience is very important. You have to give your body time and shouldn’t expect it to change within a couple of days. In fact, it takes years in which you are constantly working on your body.
  • Fun is such an important factor. Without enjoying working out, going to the gym would make no sense.
  • Being consistend. Never give up and let bad days pull you down.
  • Don’t overdo it. It’s better to hit the gym two times a week looking forward to it than dragging yourself there six days a week hating it. Let fitness be your passion, something you truly enjoy! After some time, it will be part of your life and you will probably go to the gym more often.
  • And last but not least, taking breaks is important. If you feel like it, take one. Always listen to your body.

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