Balsamic thyme ketchup - paleo & vegan

Balsamic thyme ketchup – paleo & vegan

Sometimes the small things are what makes a dish unique and tasty. Dressings, dips, herbs, spices... they can turn a boring or plain meal into a flavorful one! We all love homemade potato fries, right!? But the best thing about having potato fries is dipping them in ketchup. This balsamic thyme ketchup is a healthy alternative to your usual plain ...
Pumpkin maca waffles - paleo

Pumpkin maca waffles – paleo

It's waffle time! Fall calls for more pumpkin recipes, so here you go with those paleo pumpkin maca waffles. The combination of slightly sweet pumpkin and caramelly maca goes perfectly along together. I topped my waffles with even more maca: just mixed almond yoghurt with a tsp maca, a pinch of cinnamon and some stevia. And of course some fresh ...
Pumpkin rosemary muffins - paleo

Pumpkin rosemary muffins – paleo

Savory snacking and breakfast is boring? Not with those delicious pumpkin rosemary muffins!

I am trying to create more savory recipes at the moment cause I started baking sweet things and snacking on muffin and cake daily the last couple of weeks. Especially in autumn, there are so many amazing veggies and fruit that you can use for savory ...
Baked rice porridge - gluten free

Baked rice porridge – gluten free

Autumn calls for warming dishes again. My favorite go to breakfast for colder mornings is this baked rice porridge. Mostly I prep it the night ahead and then just warm it up in the microwave the next morning. Depending on what fruit is available you can switch things up - plums, apples, pears,... seasonal autumn food mostly goes perfectly along ...
Coconut chocolate panna cotta - paleo & vegan

Coconut chocolate panna cotta – paleo & vegan

After the positive feedback for my maca protein panna cotta, I created another easy and quick to make dessert: this paleo and vegan coconut chocolate panna cotta! Make sure to buy a full fat coconut milk that is 100% pure coconut milk - creamy, thick and tasty. No preservatives or other ingredients if you really want that intense rich coconut ...
Peanut chocolate cake - gluten free

Peanut chocolate cake – gluten free

PEANUT chocolate cake?? Yes, peanut. As you probably know, I have some serious issues when having legumes (especially soy). Peanuts have been on my red list for two years and I am happy that I tolerate small amounts of raw peanut flour*  for baking now. So I substituted my usual almond flour with it and created that rich and moist ...
Ginger prawn stir fry - paleo

Ginger prawn stir fry – paleo

Sometimes its the simply dishes that feed our souls. I am deeply in love with spicy and at the same time refreshing stir fry dishes at the moment. This ginger prawn stir fry is perfect to fuel yourself with healthy carbs, proteins and fats. Ginger, garlic, turmeric, chili... all those spices are anti-inflammatory and turn the ginger prawn stir fry ...
Maca protein panna cotta - paleo & vegan

Maca protein panna cotta – paleo & vegan

You probably know that I am all about maca and its health benefits... soooooo I got creative and created a light and macro-friendly dessert that is perfect for hot summer days and suitable for almost everyone as it is paleo, vegan, doesn't contain any nuts or soy! Maca* makes the unique flavor of this panna cotta and adding salted maca ...