London food discoveries – gluten free, vegan & paleo

If you have any special dietary needs, traveling can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding places to eat and to make sure you find food that suits your diet.

When on holidays, the focus shouldn’t be on food and any restriction, in my opinion but there are people who have to pay attention due to food allergies, intolerances or diseases like coeliac disease or Morbus Crohn.

I always recommend doing some research before your trip, to make sure you have some places where you know you can find food – otherwise your holidays can turn out quite disastrous…

When it comes to London, you don’t have to worry, though. This city is a paradise for any foodie and there can be found something for everyone!

Food stores

If you stay at an air Bnb or have an apartment with access to a kitchen (which is great if you have special dietary needs), you can buy food at local grocery stores.
While in London, I had a look at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitress and M&S and they all offered a great variety of food, meals and ready to go snacks. All of them offer a free from range, vegan food and of course the basics (veggies, fruit, meat, fish, nuts….) as you find them at home.


I didn’t list Wholefoods amongst the other food stores above because I think it deserves a separate section. Wholefoods is definitely on the more expensive side. There you can find a lot of specific stuff you won’t be able to find at normal grocery stores. Coconut flour, organic & vegan protein powder, paleo bread, different plant milks, coconut, almond and cashew yoghurt, cruelty free, organic and toxin free beauty products…. The list could go on and on. If you are looking for any special products, then you will very likely find it there.

Wholefoods also offers an amazing salad and warm food bar to put together your own bowl, sushi, pizza and warm and
cold drinks – everything to take away or stay in.


Another place where you can find snacks and some food are drugstores. I only checked out Boots which also offers free from sandwiches, salads, nut snack backs, vegan, paleo and regular protein bars, smoothies and other drinks.


Selfridges is one of the big department stores and also contains a food hall. I chose to mention Selfridges because I was surprised to find a bakery there offering gluten free and vegan bread and cakes, different smoothies, salads and raw bars and some other special treats like tiger nut pops.


As Selfridges, Harrods is a department store and know for offering expensive and high quality food in its food hall. You can still find some special things like raw vegan and paleo chocolate there and small restaurants to enjoy high quality food.

Borough market

Borough market is one of the most famous food markets in London and open daily. It’s located next to London bridge and you can find amazing things there. Raw milk and cheese, local produce, 100% dark chocolate (and of course a lot of other chocolate), gluten free and refined sugar free baked goods and of course also food to eat their or take away like vegan burgers or exotic food from all over the world. If you are paleo, a lot are happy to give you salad instead of burger buns for a cheaper price, for example. Just never be afraid to talk to people to get what you want!

Food places

In London you can also find different food places that offer something to suit almost every dietary need. I personally enjoyed pret a manger. Their vegan and gluten free coconut milk oat and quinoa porridge is creamy and tastes delicious. You can chose different topics or go for a bowl of fruits aside. For lunch you can find soups, salads, wraps and sandwiches there. It’s also a great place to grab a bag of nuts, an apple and a smoothie or a bottle of water if you just need a quick fix. For paleo people the spinach and egg/avocado/salmon snack pots are a great choice.
You can also find similar offers at EAT and I bet there are some other chains across London that have a similar menu.


Ethos is a meat-free restaurant that offers gluten free, vegan and paleo options on the menu. There you can enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea and lunch and dinner. Definitely have a look at their cake bar – gluten free, vegan, paleo, refined sugar… they have got it all.

Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Cafe can be found at Neal’s Yard, a little, colorful place next to covent garden. On their menu you will find raw, vegan, refined sugar free and paleo dishes from sweet little raw treats to savory raw wraps. If you plan on going there during busy hours like lunch time, make sure to book a table in advance or be aware that you might have to wait until you can have a seat.

26 Grains

This small shop offering different porridges and acai bowls is also located in Neal’s Yard. It’s a great place to meet up for breakfast and tea or coffee.

… and so much more restaurants offer delicious food to satisfy your cravings. In my experience, they are also very glad to help you with finding something on the menu that suits your needs and they mostly are happy to help you out if you ask kindly for changes or extras.

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