Hypothalamic Amenorrhea – what is it, causes & symptoms #1

Touching on a subject that seems to have been taboo for a very long time – and still is awkward to talk about. In my opinion, it is important to talk about the female cycle, hormones and problems like amenorrhea which unfortunately seem to be very common amongst women. In first place, it may seem nice to not get your …

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Salted caramel chocolate mousse – paleo

salted caramel chocolate jelly mousse

My instagram stories already speak for themselves… I’m obsessed with with jelly mousse at the moment. I’ve already tried different taste variations and combinations but so far, I’m really hooked on this salted caramel chocolate jelly one. The recipe you can find here is a basic recipe. Depending on your understanding of caramel feel free to add some coconut sugar …

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