My new workout routine – fat burning AMRAP & shoulder and back workout

How often do I train? Do I follow a plan? What am I focusing on?

As I decided to switch up my workout routine, I wanted to share how I want to change my workout routine and why I do so.

Apart from this workout routine chit chat, you will find a 20 minute fat burning upper body AMRAP and a shoulder and back workout in this video on my YouTube channel today.

My workout

10 minute warm up

20 minutes as many rounds as possible:
100 skipping
15 burpees
10 squat to shoulder press
5 clean press
10 kettlebell carriers each side

4 x 10 around the world

4 x 10 reverse grip cable rows

4 x 8 single arm shoulder press each side

4 x 8 single reverse shoulder press each side

4 x 8 single arm cable plank rows each side

4 x 8 lat pulldown

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