Conditioning workout – shoulder and back focused

If you are looking for a workout that gets your heart rate up and builds your shoulder and back muscles, this one is for you! Actually, this is my favorite style of working out. The combination of strength and endurance work kills me every time and I never get bored trying new combinations. If you want to see more like this, please subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up and leave a comment what you want to see next!


The workout

10 minute warm up (I did some skipping)

10 Money Makers, doing 3 rounds

Boxing circuit: 3 rounds

about 1 minute boxing

10 boxing crunches

10 boxing planks

Abs circuit: 3 rounds

20 sit up twists with a medicine ball

10 shoulder tap push up burpees

Compound lift: 3 rounds

10 straight leg deadlifts

10 jump over bar chest to floor burpees

Shoulder circuit: 3 rounds

10 clean press

10 banded squat to shoulder press front and back

10 pull ups (assisted)

Back circuit: 3 rounds

10 hyper extensions

10 reverse grip rows

10 cable crossover flies

10 plate front raise to head circles or as much as you can do as a burnout

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