What I eat on rest day – paleo and gut healing #1

what I eat

Because I’ve been getting asked so many times what I eat and how much I eat, I thought I’d just show you in a full day of eating post. That’s what I have been eating past Saturday which was my rest day. I didn’t go to the gym but I was pretty active this day doing groceries, laundry and a lot of other household stuff.
Because I don’t stress my body and want it to be able to relax, I never pay attention to my caloric intake on rest days. If I’m hungry, I eat because I believe my body needs fuel to recover. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat and stress myself because I will not loose weight if I eat less – in the end my body will balance it out itself.

Nevertheless, I can approximately tell you that I had about 2500 calories (25% carbs, 40% fat, 35% protein).

Starting the day with fat

I love to start the day with some good fats to keep me full and satisfied until lunch. On Saturday I had a scrambled egg (my Mum brought me some eggs from my grandmother so I had quite a few this weekend – I know where they come from and can eat those without feeling guilty), a pumpkin and sunflower seed waffle and some veggies and avocado. Because I was still hungry afterwards, I quickly cut up an apple and enjoyed it with almond butter and cinnamon.


For lunch I normally have some sort of salad or veggies these days. I always make sure to have a lot of fat in my lunch to keep me full and when I have uni this helps me to survive until dinner without getting hungry or a bloods sugar crash. This lunch bowl consists of wild caught organic salmon fried in coconut oil and topped with pesto, roasted pumpkin, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, another grandmother’s egg and chili and capers.

Afternoon snack?

I normally don’t have an afternoon snack, as I spent my afternoons the whole week at uni or work. On weekends this is different and I have time to treat myself to something. This time I made a paleo and vegan apple cinnamon maca shake and had those three almond poppy seed redcurrant cakes.

It’s dinnertime!

For dinner I had organic chicken breast in custard sauce with sauted veggies, a potato, half an avocado for good fats and of course my beloved raw sauerkraut for probiotics. There is seriously no day without raw sauerkraut. It helped to improve my gut health so much and somehow I am addicted to eat. It always reminds me of my grandmother’s typical Austrian cuisine.

Late night snacking

If I’m hungry or crave something, I eat it. I don’t pay attention to the clock, I just listen to my body. After dinner I mostly crave something on the sweeter side. This evening, I had homemade coconut-almond yoghurt (wouldn’t want to miss that for my gut health, as well) with raw cacao and a almond layer made of ground almonds, almond flour and almond milk below. I topped this with some berries, bee pollen and nut butter. Apart from that, I had my last fat ball. This consist of nuts and coconut oil and cream and really keep me full while being low carb and containing no sugar. Those keto balls are my substitute for all of those date heavy raw bars which upset my gut and spike blood sugar (and I break out).
During the week my late night snack is bigger as I don’t have an afternoon snack and still have to get all of my calories. Mostly, I either prep some sort of muffins or I make myself some waffles and have more fruit which I dip into chocolate sauce made of coconut oil and raw cacao.

Let me know in the comment section down below if you like this type of post! Also tell me whether you want some recipes because then I will continue also sharing my daily meals and recipes on my blog.
If you want to know how my diet changes on workout days and what I eat then (the exact amount of calories and macros), I can do a series sharing what I eat on different days.

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