Skinny legs circuit – how to get skinny legs without getting bulky

Skinny legs workout

A lot of woman want to get those skinny legs but are afraid of getting bulky and very muscular legs. Although, I can ensure you that this won’t happen if you don’t do heavy weighted squats several times a week for years like female bodybuilders, I created a short circuit workout to show you my favorite moves to get the heart rate up and work my legs.

I can promise you, you’ll definitely feel the burn!

Have fun and let me know if you like it!

Note: This video is speed up! Make sure to do the exercise slowly and correctly.

Leg circuit workout

glute activation: do both exercises for 30 seconds without a break in between and repeat for 3 minutes straight

  1. Hip raises
  2. Hip raise pulses

plyometric exercises: do each exercise for 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds in between and complete 4 rounds

  1. stepper squat in and out jumps
  2. stepper switching lunge squat jumps
  3. low stepper in out squat jumps
  4. 10 switching step ups, 2-5 squat jumps

weighted exercises: do 20 reps per exercises and complete 4 rounds

  1. sumo squats
  2. lunges
  3. walking lunges with core twist

burnout: do both exercises for 30 seconds without a break in between and repeat 4 times

  1. wall sit
  2. abductors

Beine Zirkel Workout

Aktivierung der Pomuskulatur: beide Übungen 30 Sekunden ausführen, ohne Pause dazwischen und davon 3 Runden

  1. Beckenheben
  2. Beckenheben ohne herunterzulassen

Plyometric Übungen: jede Übung 45 Sekunden ausführen, 15 Sekunden Pause dazwischen und davon vier Runden

  1. Stepper Kniebeugen Sprünge
  2. Stepper wechselnde Ausfallschritt Kniebeugen Sprünge
  3. Stepper niedrige Kniebeugen Sprünge
  4. 10 wechselnde Sprünge auf den Stepper, 2-5 Kniebeugen dazwischen

Übungen mit Gewicht: 20 Wiederholungen pro Übung und davon 4 Runden

  1. breite Kniebeugen erhöht
  2. Ausfallschritte
  3. laufende Ausfallschritte mit Oberkörperdrehung

Burnout: beide Übungen für 30 Sekunden ausführen, ohne Pause dazwischen und davon 4 Runden


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