Fitnesstalk with Merve – sports and nutrition


That really depends on personal goals and if you want to lose fat or build muscle. Apart from that, everyone should follow a balanced and healthy diet. From time to time, it is also important treat yourself to something like a pizza night out with your friends. As cardiovascular training requires carbs as energy source, a runner for example eats …

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Redcurrant “Nutella” style cake – redcurrant’s health benefits

redcurrant chocolate cake

While sadly strawberry season has come to an end, reducrrants are the stars in the berry sky right now. They always remind me of my grandmother because every year we harvest a lot of redcurrants in her garden to make cake, syrup or freeze them for baking. I love the sour taste which goes perfectly along with this rich chocolate …

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The best coconut sauce for any dish

coconut sauce

My daily meals always consist of heaps of veggies and some source of protein and good fats. To switch things up I use different spices and herbs and love to try new combinations which often leave me stunned by the taste explosion happening in my mouth. By far my favorite sauce for summer is this coconut sauce which I especially …

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Vegan lavender coconut cookies

lavender coconut cookies

I hope you are all well and already enjoying holidays. Right now, I’m in the final week of my second semester at uni and exams are about to start. When I’m studying all the time, I always forget the clock and it is really easy to skip meals. But especially when stressing your body and expecting it to perform at …

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Fitnesstalk with Merve – tips for gym newbies


The most important thing is to do exercises correctly! Having a good technique is way more important than being able to lift a lot of weight. Well, definitely being too motivated which can lead to overdoing it. Some people feel like they have to proof something to themselves (and others) and lift more weight than they should in order to …

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What I eat on rest day – paleo and gut healing #1

what I eat

Nevertheless, I can approximately tell you that I had about 2500 calories (25% carbs, 40% fat, 35% protein). I love to start the day with some good fats to keep me full and satisfied until lunch. On Saturday I had a scrambled egg (my Mum brought me some eggs from my grandmother so I had quite a few this weekend …

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Paleo nut free bread roll

paleo nut free bread roll

I’ve always loved the process of baking. Mixing ingredients, kneading the dough, watching the bread rise in the oven and last but not least, I am obsessed with the smell of baked bread which creeps in every corner of my flat. The best way to enjoy these bread rolls is in my opinion to slice them up and toast them …

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The paleo diet explained – my experiences #2

paleo waffles

für eine kurze deutsche Zusammenfassung hinunterscrollen As you probably now, I’m on a paleo diet since the end of march. I already did a post about my reasons and what experiences I made in the very beginning. If you haven’t read that one, I can highly recommend checking it out before continuing to read this post. The paleo diet is …

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Skinny legs circuit – how to get skinny legs without getting bulky

Skinny legs workout

A lot of woman want to get those skinny legs but are afraid of getting bulky and very muscular legs. Although, I can ensure you that this won’t happen if you don’t do heavy weighted squats several times a week for years like female bodybuilders, I created a short circuit workout to show you my favorite moves to get the …

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