Testing raw bars

testing raw bars

Looking for a easy and convenient snack to grab on the go? Especially, in the healthy, vegan and paleo scene people like to have raw bars. Sweet, delicious, nutrient-dense – and healthy? Talking about the healthy thing, of course there are no bad or good foods and I don’t like this labeling. Of course, they are healthier than indulging in chocolate muffins but on the other hand you could also be snacking on some veggie sticks with nut butter which is lower in sugar and carbs or quickly eat a hard boiled egg.

In my opinion, raw bars shouldn’t be considered a daily snack. I rather use them when I really have no time to prep anything or when I’m craving something sweet. Because my gut isn’t very happy with high carb, high sugar foods, I don’t eat them regularly. (But I don’t say you shouldn’t or that it is bad for you! It just doesn’t work for ME.)

As requested, I had a look at some bars out there (and there are a lot!). I just choose bars which didn’t contain any sugar or sugar substitutes and basically consisted of nuts, dates and dried fruit. Sometimes with added protein.

If you are curious which one is my personal favorite, keep reading!

Note: I’m not sponsored by any of these brands. I bought those bars myself and the opinion displayed in this post is my honest one.

Rossmann cacao & cacao nibs raw bar

dates, almonds, cacao powder, hazelnuts, cacao nibs

Nutritional information: per 30g bar
125 cal
5,9g f I 12,8g c I 3,1g p
11,8g natural sugar

I know that Rossmann is only available in Germany but I grabbed this bar after a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago as a quick snack on my way to uni and was quite surprised they had something like this on offer.

This raw bar is sweet but not too much. It also tastes not too much like dates and there is a hint of chocolate.

Consistency reminded me more of a chewing gum and it contains just very tiny chunks of nuts.

7/10 points

Max Sport raw paleo protein bar jungle banana

dried dates, protein blend VEGA PROFUSION┬« 23% (pea protein, rice protein, protein from beans – Vicia faba), banana 8%, cocoa 8%, cocoa butter, carrot

Nutritional information: per 50g bar
164 cal
4,1g f I 17g c I 11g p
17g natural sugar

This bar is very sweet for my taste and you can taste the banana but more subtile.
It is the hardest and driest of all tested bars and the consistency really reminded me of chewing gum. Also, there aren no chunks in there.
As it contains rice and bean protein it is not strictly paleo, although claimed as being a paleo bar.

5/10 points

Lebepur raw bar cacao

dates, peanuts, peanut butter, cacao, cacao nibs, salt

Nutritional information: per 50g bar
196 cal
8g f I 23g c I 6g p
22g natural sugar

When ripping the package, the smell of peanut is overwhelming. This bar smells intense like peanuts and is sweet and you can definitely taste the dates and the peanuts. What I’m a bit missing here is the chocolate flavor.
The consistency is perfect. Moist and there are small nut chunks in it.
As it contains peanuts, it is not strictly paleo.

They also have a raw bar brownie version which doesn’t contain peanut (I seriously need to try that!).

7/10 points

Lebepur raw bar aronia raspberry

dates, cashews, almonds, aronia berry powder, raspberry powder, coconut fat

Nutritional information: per 50g bar
204 cal
9,5g f I 24g c I 3,7g p
22g natural sugar

This bar tastes intensely like raspberry. (It seems like Lebepur knows how to get the best taste and smell out of their products.) You don’t really taste the dates and for me, the sweetness is perfect. Not too sweet and definitely a bit sour like raspberries are.
The consistency is also great and the nut chunks have the perfect size.

8,5/10 points

Raw bite protein

Fruit 47% (dates, raisins), Nuts 21% (almonds, cashews), Protein 10% (rice, pea), Pumpkin seeds, Cacao

Nutritional information: per 50g bar
213 cal
9,5g f I 19,5g c I 10g p
16g natural sugar

This bar has the typical sweet date and raisin taste and contains big almond chunks (almost whole almonds) which I love.
The consistency is not too to dry and not too soft, it’s just perfect.

8/10 points

Lifebar chocolate

dates, cashews, almonds, hazelnut butter, raw chocolate, vanilla

Nutritional information: per 47g bar
186 cal
9g f I 22g c I 4g p
18g natural sugar

This bar also taste like dates but not too much. You can definitely taste a hint of chocolate and almonds and hazelnut.
The consistency is on point and the nut chunks have a good size.

8/10 points

Lifebar cherry

dates, dried cherry, almonds, cashews

Nutritional information: per 47g bar
195 cal
8g f I 23g c I 4g p
17g natural sugar

I simply love the intense cherry taste of this bar. It reminds me of black forest cake and if you dip it into a chocolate sauce (coconut oil with raw cacao) foodporn is perfect.
Consistency is perfect and you have those crunchy nut chunks, too.

9/10 points

Lifebar green chocolate protein

Dates (46 %), Almond Paste, Raw Chocolate (10 %; Raw Cacao Beans, Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Cacao Butter, Cacao Content 100 %, Cacao Butter Content 39 %), Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Protein Powder (3,5 %), Pumpkin Protein Powder* (3,5 %), Spirulina Powder (Arthrospira platensis) (0,8 %), Ground Vanilla

Nutrition information: per 47g bar
199 cal
10g f I 19g c I 7g p
15g natural sugar

Protein-packed, perfect sweet chocolate taste and a bit nutty hemp coming throw – I’m in love with it.
Consistency and nut chunks are perfectl – like with any Lifebar.

9,5/10 points

All in all, my favorite brands are Lifebar, Lebepur and raw bite. I also tried other sorts of their bars and I can recommend them all. In my opinion, they have the perfect sweetness without tasting too much like pure dates and a great consistency with crunch chunks.

Let me know in the comments down below whether you want me to test more bars and if you have any special wishes regarding which ones I should try.

What’s your favorite raw bar?

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