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my workout routine

deutsche Zusammenfassung unten/German summary below

Being healthy.

Being stronger.

Going over my limits.

Having fun.

Freeing my mind.

Those are just some reasons why I’m so passionate about working out. I truly enjoy smashing a good session at the gym – at my playground. I intentionally didn’t include aesthetics as a reason to work out. For me, it simply isn’t. I loved my body when being really skinny, I loved it when I had a bicep and hamstrings like a hulk from horse riding and I love it however it looks. I tend to grow muscle in my upper body (arms and shoulders) very quickly and easily while not having any curves but I’m fine with it.
Depending on my schedule and how I feel, I generally love to hit the gym six times a week. Never seven (rest is so important), sometime four or five. Never forget that I’ve been active since I was a little child and I’m definitely no beginner. So, if you are just starting out your fitness journey, I recommend going slow because otherwise you will fall off the wagon before you get the first results.

Especially, if you have no experience, it is best to work with a personal trainer or a trainer at the gym who guides you throw your first workout plans and helps you to adjust them to your needs.


Working out six times a week needs a good workout schedule! Otherwise you can quickly overdo it and not recover properly. I personally love to hit every muscle twice a week which is why I train in a three day split repeating that twice.
Right now, I start with legs and butt, the next day I train biceps, triceps and chest and last but not least, shoulders and back. I don’t do cardio and I don’t work abs on a specific day. I prefer to throw in abs whenever I have time and feel like it.

A 6 day workout schedule looks like this:

Sunday legs and abs
Monday biceps, triceps and chest
Tuesday back, shoulders and abs
Wednesday legs (gluten focus)
Thursday biceps, triceps and chest
Friday circuit conditioning hitting back, shoulders, abs and legs/butt

Also, I don’t do a typical weight lifting program. About 25 minute, I spend warming up with bodyweight, followed by 30 minutes of strength circuit training. My workouts consist of a lot of functional moves, plyos, compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press and push/pull ups and moves using free weights (dumbbells and kettlebells). I also love to incooperating resistance bands and loops, TRX and the battle rope. I also stop by the punching bag two times a week (pair it with my shoulder workout).


As I start every workout with 5 minutes of skipping and do about 20 minute bodyweight intervals (twice a week on arm day HIIT style), I don’t do any cardio. I simply don’t need to burn extra calories and I don’t enjoy running on the treadmill for an hour. From time to time, I go for a short 20-30 minute jog outside for muscle recovery and freeing my mind but that’s it.
In summer, I ride to uni by bike when the weather is good and not too hot (and when I’m not too sore haha… leg days are always a struggle).

I never do the same workouts and I switch up my split and style of workout every two months because I tend to get bored quite easily. Also I feel like my body gets used to the same workout plan fast and then I hit a plateau.

I try to foam roll and stretch some minutes every day and on my rest day(s), I sometimes do a short mobility workout. Since doing mobility and foam rolling regularly, my technique has improved a lot and it is easier for me to get that muscle mind connection.

Sometimes I just hit the gym three times a week and go for a light jog and do some pilates in between.

In my opinion, the best way to train is listening to your body!

If you want to see how my workouts look like comment below and I can film some of my workouts to share with you!

Meine Trainingsroutine – deutsche Zusammenfassung

Grundsätzlich trainiere ich sechsmal die Woche – ich habe jedoch immer meinen fixen Tag Pause, an dem ich vielleicht spazieren gehe, damit meine Muskeln zur Regeneration besser durchblutet werden. Außerdem nutze ich diesen zum Dehnen und Foam Rolling. Je nach Zeitplan bin ich aber auch nicht sechsmal im Fitness – dann trainiere ich meinen 3er Split nur einmal durch und gehe dazwischen vielleicht spazieren oder eher seltener kurz joggen und mache Pilates.


Derzeit trainiere ich im 3er Split:

Sonntag Beine und Bauch

Montag Bizeps, Trizeps und Brust

Dienstag Rücken, Schultern und Bauch

Mittwoch Beine (Fokus auf dem Po)

Donnerstag Bizeps, Trizeps und Brust

Freitag Conditioning Zirkeltraining mit Fokus auf Rücken, Schultern, Bauch und Beine/Po

Ich trainiere jedoch nicht im klassischen Sinn. Zum Aufwärmen springe ich Seil und mache Körpergewichtsübungen, dann folgt etwas eine halbe Stunde Krafttraining immer mit Supersets. Außerdem arbeite ich viel mit TRX, Kettlebels, Battle Rope, Bändern und Loops und lege zweimal die Woche einen Stopp beim Boxsack ein (meistens verbinde ich das mit Schultertraining).


Cardio mache ich eigentlich nie. Zum einen will ich keine zusätzlichen Kalorien verbrennen und zum anderen macht es mir keinen Spaß, auf dem Laufband wie so ein Hamster dahin zu laufen. Ich bin ein großer Fan von Intervalltraining und Conditioning und binde das in mein Krafttraining ein. Außer einem gelegentlichen (eher seltenen) Lauf in der Natur – um den Kopf frei zu kriegen – wird man mich wohl nie beim Cardiotraining antreffen.



What I’m wearing

sport tights from H&M

top from H&M

shoes from Nike

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