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As I’ve been getting a few questions about myself, I thought I’d answer some of them in a blog post. Today, I want to concentrate on my health issues and life as a student.

Health and gut issues

When did your gut issues start and how long have you been suffering now?

I’ve always had some problems like not being able to cope with a lot of fat (had to throw up after eating chips and crisps), I never tolerated diary products, suffered from neurodermatitis since being a small child, I often had headaches and stomach pain and so on…

When I was 16, I suddenly lost a lot of weight and things got worse. Right now, I’m 19 years old and I finally feel like I mostly understand what my body needs and accepts.

If you want to know more about my gut health story intolerances and IBS check out the blog post I posted specifically about it.

Do you still have any symptoms and stomach ache?

Well, I know now how my body responds to certain foods and thus, I avoid stuff that I know causes problems. Nevertheless, I can’t always be 100% in control (especially when eating out) and that can of course lead to symptoms like stomach ache, bloating, diarrhea and feeling sick for a couple of days.

Do you take any supplements?

I take probiotics every day and in the evening I have a magnesium and zinc supplement because I’m very active. Magnesium helps with muscle recovery, headaches and I can sleep better. Zinc really helps with my skin.

For hormonal balance and skin, I take vitex.


What do you feel like makes gut health worse?

I think stress is an important aspect. I tend to get bloated when there is a lot going on and I’m stressed out. Working out, doing more relaxing stuff like yoga or going for a walk or reading a good book and listening to music really helps to calm myself down. I try to make some time for myself as often as I can!

How do you manage eating out?

Ask. Ask. Ask. Never be afraid to ask what ingredients certain dishes include! I just explain my problem and mostly, people react friendly and try their best to help me. If I have the chance, I check the menu online before going there to see what options I have.

University and life as a student

What do you study and at which university?

I study communication and economics at the LMU Munich. Right now, I’m in my second semester of the bachelor degree.

What exactly do you learn at uni?

I learn about everything about media. The history and how radio, television and new media (digitalization) evolved. We also talk about fundamental theories, models, and methods of empirical communication studies. Other things my university course covers are media law, economy, psychology and things like public relations and marketing.
My minor subject is economy which includes business studies and economics.

It seems like you have a very busy daily life. How do you manage blogging, uni and taking time for yourself?

Time management is everything. I always plan ahead. So I always know when to prepare food to bring with me, when I have to do what for uni and when I can fit in workouts, time for myself and my friends. A good schedule is really helpful and helps me to stay on track.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or on instagram or write me an email.

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