Socializing and paleo lunch in Munich – summer outfit

summer outfit

In a world full of mobile phones and social media, it seems to me like real socializing is getting more and more lost. When I rode the underground to uni last week, I realized that almost everyone is just starring at his or her phone or having headphones on. Hardly anyone is talking or socializing with people around them. We live in our bubbles and somehow seem to have lost the interest in the real world. Constantly, we are escaping in social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. (Don’t try to convince me that you are reading a book on your phone – most people don’t!)

What is even more dramatic, is that we consider this social network world as real. We forget that on social media we can choose what to show, we can use filters and create a perfect version of us. Do you think all of those perfect and flawless girls on Instagram are really like this? Deep down we know that they are probably not but sometimes we get carried away and get lost in this world.

I have to admit that I’m not better! When I’m bored or waiting the first thing I tend to think about is to get my phone out and check social media.

Of course, social media is great but on the other hand, we miss so many opportunities like building real contacts and making new friends who you can actually meet at the weekend.

If you had to choose, would you rather have a lot of Instagram followers and Facebook friends or a handful good “real” friends who you can spend quality time with?

Clothes I’m wearing:

My weekend – to walk the talk


Promising myself to doing more with others and spending some time offline, I enjoyed an amazing weekend with my mother and grandmother.

We went to the city to spend a women’s shopping day and it was awesome. I bought a few essentials but more important: we had a lot of fun and explored some of Munich’s hidden treasures.

To fuel ourselves for more shopping, we had a stop at Theresa Grill. The food there is really good and they are very paleo friendly. I had some steak with tomato and peas aside. A perfect light but still filling lunch on a hot summer day.


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