Biggest mistake: drying out acne – I fell in love with Vichy

“Let acne die of thirst”

That’s what a lot of beauticians tell you. I’ve heard that, too and believed it for years. As some of you might know, I’ve always been struggling with my skin. Big pores, shiny face and spots everywhere. I’ll do a separate post about my skin story but to give you a short inside: after changing my diet to a healthier because of my gut, my skin cleared up pretty good. What remained and even got worse were pimples around my chin. Hormonal acne they told me. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me two creams I have to use (one in the morning and one in the evening) and recommended me to see a beautician on a regular basis. Those creams dried out my skin and I started to get dry patches in the middle of my shiny face.

Expecting to get told to do a lot of peeling and using products to dry out my skin I went to new beautician in Munich. Surprisingly, she recommended me using a rather hydrating creme.

Acne and moisturizing

Moisture in the skin can help to get rid of oil on the skin. And as you probably now, oil clogs pores. And clogged pores may result in whiteheads or blackheads.
If you have acne, especially if you have the kind of acne that causes tiny red pimples on your forehead cheeks, and nose, you may see great improvement in your skin when you begin to use moisturizer. If you have naturally oily skin that gives you lots of whiteheads and great big blackheads, you also need moisturizer. But not everybody who has acne needs the same moisturizer in the same amounts all the time – it’s all about finding out what works best for you.

Number one tip when buying a moisturizer: be sure to check out the labels… a lot of moisturizers are alcohol- based and alcohol drys out the skin and can cause immflamuation. Keep your hands off those!

My go to moisturizer

Taking this advice to my heart, I fell in love with Vichy’s Idealia. (They changed the package but it is still the same cream.)

Actually, this cream is meant to hydrate your skin and make it appear smoother.


That’s what Vichy claims and I have to admit that the cream does a good job. My skin doesn’t have any dry patches anymore, glows and my pores appear smaller. My fear that I would get greasier skin and more spots didn’t come true. I finally feel like I found a product that enriches my skin routine more than any other.
Persuaded I also gave the Ideal Body Lait-Sérum a go as the skin of the rest of my body tends to be very dry. Again, I quickly fell in love with how hydrating that lotion worked on my skin.

I already used up my second jar and can recommend Vichy’s Idealia range everyone who is looking for a light hydrating formula.

Do you love any cream/gel I should give a go? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for some products to try out.

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