Apple hazelnut crumble cake - paleo

Apple hazelnut crumble cake – paleo

Apple crumble cake - matching my London trip this week, I created this paleo apple hazelnut crumble cake recipe. Great Britain is know for crumble and what is there better than a warm apple cake straight from the oven that smells like heaven due to the sweet apple juices and warming spices that fill the air while baking? While the ...
Does maca help to get your period back?

Does maca help to get your period back?

When looking for natural remedies to balance hormones and cure infertility issues and amenorrhea, you will very likely come across maca*.Maca is a root vegetable originally coming from Peru.A lot of women report that when trying to get their period back, they took maca, hence, a lot of people believe that it helps with amenorrhea.But is there really a scientific ...
Maca chocolate - paleo & vegan

Maca chocolate – paleo & vegan

Who is up for some delicious paleo and vegan maca chocolate?Maca is a so-called superfood that can offer a lot of health benefits such as energizing and lifting up your mood. Some people also believe in hormone balancing effects of maca.Maca is a root vegetable that comes from Peru and its taste always reminds me a bit of caramel. It's ...
Single serving birthday cake - paleo & vegan

Single serving birthday cake – paleo & vegan

Celebrating my 20th birthday with this single serving paleo and vegan birthday cake: a chocolate cake with berry jello sauce.Can't believe how fast time goes by... I am living on my own for over a year now, have already finished half of uni and accomplished so much this last year.I am not the person who likes to celebrate and meet ...
Curry burger patties - paleo & vegan

Curry burger patties – paleo & vegan

Eating paleo and vegan is a hard challenge that requires you to be very creative, especially when it comes to protein. After my "meat"balls, I created this curry burger patties which will not only meet your needs but are also tasty as heck.You don't have to be an amazing chef to create these curry patties and it doesn't take long ...
Banana coconut waffle - paleo

Banana coconut waffle – paleo

Are you ready for a delicious banana and coconut paleo waffle?I almost forgot about this recipe but when I was going through the photos I still had on my memory card and not lost due to my computer dying, I detected that I forgot to actually write down the recipe for this waffle and post it. I know I promised ...
Spicy "meatballs" - paleo & vegan

Spicy “meatballs” – paleo & vegan

Yes, your eyes are not lying to you - I managed to create paleo and vegan "meatballs"!Creating this recipe was a big success for me because I have been trying to work out paleo falafel or paleo and vegan "meatballs" for a couple of months.When you can't have any legumes and grains, it is not possible to find any falafel ...
Cookie dough - paleo & vegan

Cookie dough – paleo & vegan

Medicine that tastes good? This paleo cookie dough is not only a perfect treat but also packed with ingredients that help balancing your hormones!Suffering from hormonal imbalances, I am trying to heal them and get my period back naturally. Nutrition is one of the most important factors when it comes to hormonal (and overall) health.There are a lot of foods you ...

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