Berry chocolate cheesecake slices - paleo & vegan

Berry chocolate cheesecake slices – paleo & vegan

Summer always calls for cheesecake! Especially during berry season, I love nothing more than a berry cheesecake with lemon peel and some more fresh berries aside. Yesss, I am still addicted to my sweet potato brownies  but on really hot summer days I prefer such a light cake over a rich chocolate cake. And the best thing is that this recipe ...
Vanilla protein waffles - paleo

Vanilla protein waffles – paleo

Sunday morning calls for waffles. And with this easy paleo vanilla protein waffle recipe you can have a delicious breakfast in 10 minutes that will keep you full thanks to being high protein for longer. This is just a basic recipe and you can add any spices you want. Depending on the season and what is available choose some fruit, ...
Health benefits of collagen

Health benefits of collagen

If I had to choose one supplement, then I would always chose Collagen. For me it is the number one supplement everyone should consider to take for overall health! I have been using it for years for my gut issues, skin problems and hormonal imbalances and it has never disappointed me. I get my Collagen daily from either collagen protein*, ...
Sweet potato brownies - paleo

Sweet potato brownies – paleo

My paleo sweet potato brownies are going to be your new addiction! I bake these almost every week as part of my meal prep and mostly I eat them in one sitting.These sweet potato brownies only require a few basic ingredients that you are able to find at your local grocery store. For the sweet potato sauce I always bake some ...
White matcha chocolate - paleo & vegan

White matcha chocolate – paleo & vegan

Who doesn't like having a piece of chocolate? I guess it is one of those foods that a lot of people have every day... but have you ever made it yourself? This paleo and vegan white matcha chocolate recipe is really easy to make and has more to offer than being a sweet treat.Matcha* is a great natural energy booster ...
Blueberry vanilla muffins - paleo & vegan

Blueberry vanilla muffins – paleo & vegan

I guess those are the fluffiest and most delicious blueberry vanilla muffins I have ever made. Probably even the best muffins ever! I have been perfecting my paleo and vegan muffin base recipe for a very long time and when baking those blueberry vanilla muffins last week, I was blown away and couldn't get enough of them.... I had them ...
Rhubarb elderflower brownie - paleo & vegan

Rhubarb elderflower brownie – paleo & vegan

Rhubarb, strawberries, elderflower - this time of the year is definitely my favorite! To combine all my favorite ingredients that are in season at the moment, I created this paleo and vegan rhubarb elderflower brownie. The rich elderflower brownie and the sweet and refreshing rhubarb and strawberry topping is perfect for every summer party. As I get asked so often what ...
Berry Booster Balls - paleo & vegan

Berry Booster Balls – paleo & vegan

Feeling hungry and need an energy booster? Especially, if you have a 8 to 6 job and hit the gym on your way home, your last meal is a while back and you might need something to fuel your workout. These paleo and vegan berry booster balls provide yourself with a little energy boost to smash your next workout session.When ...

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