How to train hamstrings effectively

Facts about the hamstrings
  • The hamstrings consist of the lateral hamstrings (long and short head of the biceps femoris) and medial hamstrings. (semitendinosus and semimembranosus).
  • Their primary role when it comes to strength training is hip extension and knee flexion.
  • The hamstrings are typ 2 muscle fibres (fast-twitching) and respond therefore, very well to heavy and explosive movements.
  • In reality, especially the body building ...
cranberry cookies

Cranberry chocolate cookies – paleo & vegan

Welcome back to cookie season! Christmas isn't that far away anymore and with that it is time to start baking cookies again. I decided to not start with a traditional cookie recipe but with cookies that are using seasonal products aka cranberries.This is the first time in my life, I have ever had cranberries and I am addicted now. Stay ...
orange fennel salad

Orange Fennel Salad – paleo & vegan

Salads are for Summer, right? Well, I am not very keen on eating cold and raw veggies when it is cold and dark outside. Actually, I'm craving soups, one pot dishes and other warming dishes at this time of the year.But as I am a huge veggie lover, I recently enjoy making warm veggie salads. I love combing veggies and ...
carrot fries

Carrot-cinnamon fries – paleo & vegan

A new staple dish of mine I am enjoying a lot lately are carrot fries. I love how easy they are to make and how delicious they taste. When I tried them for the first time I just used salt, pepper and herbs. The second time I (of course) had to add chili. But in my opinion, the best way ...
rainbow bowl

Anti-inflammatory rainbow bowl – paleo & vegan

Since I am focusing on balancing my hormones, I am trying my hardest to not inflame my gut again and put stress on my body. I love to have big colorful lunch bowls with a lot of veggies and some good fats and protein to keep me full. I'm focusing on choosing foods and spices that support health and are anti-inflammatory ...
pumpkin protein balls

Pumpkin protein bites – paleo & vegan

As you might now from my Instagram, I use to work out in the morning before my actual breakfast. Cause I don't feel energized without anything in my system, I love to have a shake, a piece of fruit and something like these protein bites before heading to the gym.I love to make such protein bites myself cause it saves ...
jelly mousse

Gingerbread chocolate cherry mousse – paleo

Officially addicted. Since Verena introduced me to her jelly mousse, there is hardly a day without eating one. I've already tried a lot of different variations but recently I'm in love with this one. This jelly mousse is not only fluff porn when it comes to consistency, it is also a great lower calorie snack option and full of health benefits.Tart ...
Getting shit done in November - free daily planner

Getting shit done in November – free daily planner

It's November and I'm ready to make this month the most productive I can. Uni is quite rough this semester (and it even has just started) and planning my week ahead is what helps me to succeed.Every Sunday I have a look at my calendar to see what is happening the upcoming week. I love to preciously plan out my ...